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What are
Cleco Fasteners?

Fabrication work is easier than ever before thanks to Cleco Fasteners. The extremely handy and versatile fastening tools (sometimes spelled Cleko or called Skin Pins) are an indispensable tool and save a huge amount of labor time.

Types of Cleco Fasteners

Cleco Fasteners, or 'Skin Pins' as they are sometimes called, have played an important role in automotive, racing and aircraft sheet metal repair for decades. Hand operated cleco fasteners, used throughout the aviation industry, consist of spring or plier operated, bar nut and wing nut styles. Power operated clecos include hex nut, cylindrical body or round body types. Most cleco clamps are available in various lengths and strengths to accommodate various manufacturing processes.


Plier Operated Clecos

The plier-operated (K) series Clecos sheet holder clamp are the standard temporary fastener solution.

Hex-Nut Clecos

Hex-Nut (KH) series Clecos are operated with a pneumatic power tool and best suited to high-production settings.

Wing-Nut Clecos

The Wing Nut (KW) series Clecos are a hand operated clamp with a wide range of grip force.


Cylindrical Body Clecos

The power-operated (CB) series Clecos are designed to eliminate tedious fastener/tool orientation problems.

Cleco Pliers & Accessories

Cleco Fastener Pliers & Accessories are a cutting-edge collection of precision tools designed to streamline assembly processes with ease and efficiency.

Featured Clecos

Amazon Store Testimonials

Well Rounded Kit

“Great starter set of clecos and clamps for a good price. Other sets had too many of one size, or didn't come with the little clamps - this was the only well-rounded kit for a decent price. Used them extensively on some automotive metalworking projects (building a fan shroud) and the all behaved as they should. Only complain is they don't have the drill size on them, so it's tough to find the appropriate-sized bits once they've been removed from their original packaging. Not worth docking a star over though.”
Sheet Metal Work On Cars? Airplanes? Anything?

“The price, delivery and quality met all of my expectations! Any time you're fabricating with sheet metal and you need to maintain position of parts while you mark, drill, rivet or screw together, Clecoes make life so much easier. This was a great starter set assortment. I would recommend them to anyone--and when I need more, this will be my go-to supplier..”
Amazon Customer
A Must Have For Any Fabricator

“Made this purchase, unaware of what I may use them for in the heavy machinery repair field. Had to build a few fleet trucks with tool boxes on a flatbed. I was struggling to keep the tool boxes in place, flush with the sides of the bed. The boxes wanted to slide all over the diamond plate. Drilled some pilot holes and used these to secure it while drilling the holes for bolts. All around great product for a fair price.”

Cleco Fasteners in Action!

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